Which of the following are true about marijuana


Marijuana Health Benefits 

Well, marijuana has existed for a long time now. Marijuana can simply be defined as the dried stems, leaves, and seeds obtained from the cannabis Sativa Or The indica plant. This plant contains a chemical that alters the mind, the THC. The plant also contains cannabinoids, which are the compounds that make it beneficial for certain health issues.

Marijuana is a common drug that is used by the majority of young people across the United States right after alcohol. Bearing this in mind, it is about time that society had an open discussion about it. Marijuana, when used responsibly, can be of great help to the community at large.


Can Marijuana Be Used As A Sleeping Aid?

For the longest time now, marijuana has been used to aid sleep. Having sleep depreciation can cause a significant effect on mental and physical wellbeing. Taking some cannabis will help to relieve this kind of situation. However, using cannabis still requires you to exercise caution because dependency can become an issue.


Can Marijuana Be Used Has Pain Reliever?

Yes, marijuana can indeed be used for pain relief. This quality is due to the early findings that marijuana has got pain-relieving properties. These properties come in handy to treat headaches, nausea, and generally to ease any bodily anguishes. The THC chemical found in the drug helps to alter the brain and creates a different environment for the pain which makes it hard for the pain to persist. 

Perhaps the most common use for pain relief is in cancer patients. The compounds found in marijuana help ease the pain that comes with having cancer. It also helps relieve nausea that comes from cancer medication. Additionally, it helps with the lack of appetite that many cancer patients experience.

Another common use of marijuana to ease the pain is in patients that have multiple sclerosis, a condition that affects the nerves of the body. Although other pharmaceuticals can help people with ms, marijuana is the only drug that does not cause heavy sedation. This factor means that people with ms can engage in certain activities when they use marijuana to ease their pain.


Can Marijuana Be Used For Neurological Disorders?

Yes. Research has shown that marijuana can help some people with neurological disorders because of the effects that it has on the limbic system. There has been a considerable improvement with people that have epilepsy, especially children suffering from the condition. Strains of the cannabis plant that have more CBD than THC are best suited for these disorders.

Moreover, researchers have found that marijuana s helpful for patients with Parkinson’s Disease, PTSD, and Tourette’s Syndrome. The research on these is still on-going, but the initial reports seem promising.


Recreational Use For Marijuana.

Recreational use of marijuana involves using it as a stimulant during leisure hours. Most people that use the drug experience a calm after smoking or consuming food that has marijuana. It is also possible to get a prescription for the use of marijuana due to certain conditions like anxiety and depression.

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