What is liquid marijuana

what is liquid marijuana

More About What Liquid Marijuana is And Its Benefits

The rapid decriminalization of marijuana use has led many people to explore both the medicinal and recreational benefits of its active component – THC. However, for many, the traditional methods of consumption are not ideal – and those consumers have joined an increasing number of people who are enjoying the benefits of liquid marijuana.

Liquid marijuana is vaped by heating marijuana oil or a liquid containing THC and inhaling the vapor. It is enjoyed in much the same way that other vape products are enjoyed – but it also has some benefits over the traditional way that cannabis is enjoyed. 

Firstly there is the choice of vaping equipment. The growth of the vape market has ensured that all tastes and requirements are catered to. This also means that vape equipment is available at a variety of price points and the user can scale their choice in line with the increasing sophistication of their requirements.

For many users of cannabis vape products, including liquid marijuana one of the major benefits is to health. Because vape equipment does not lead to the combustion of the material (the temperature commonly varied between 180 and 190 degrees Celsius or 356 to 374 degrees Fahrenheit) it does not release the harmful chemicals and carcinogens that traditional smoking does. For instance, a study in 2007 showed that those using vapes and liquid marijuana inhaled significantly less carbon monoxide when compared to those using rolling paper or other methods where the marijuana was subject to combustion.

Using a vape and liquid marijuana may also be a courtesy to those around you. Because the marijuana does not combust the smell is not as prominent. It also allows those who are using vape devices to enjoy liquid marijuana to do so more discreetly. The small size, lack of smell and ease of carrying liquid marijuana means that this form of consumption can easily be enjoyed ‘on the go’. This increases the possibilities of where the vaping experience can be enjoyed and reduces the stigma (which still exists) of using marijuana.

There have also been studies that gauge just how potent the effects of THC can be when a vape is used. One such study revealed that vaping delivers 46% of THC in cannabis in the form of vapor, while a joint only converted about 25% of THC. So that means better value for money.

If you are in search of great liquid marijuana products then make sure that you are dealing with professionals like those at Canopy Club. They will have a great selection of products that boast proven quality. And that means that you enjoy great value, a great experience, and peace of mind.


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